me: *panting, doubled over* please, no more // body: *gloating* SCOREBOARD
aka we cry alone
where nothing matters...but the beat

August 2022

yo what’s good (with the intention of finding out what’s good)

May 2022

i choose me, i'm not sorry
a soundtrack to the messiness of healing 🌱

April 2022

...sometimes it be ya own you (ii)Watch now (6 min) | self-critic being a wild hater in dolby surround sound constantly, damn
*higher pitch* yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

March 2022

you already know what time it is
digging in the emotional crates 🎶Listen now (102 min) | lemme get a vulnerability type beat, turn my levels up
on tik tokology, traumedy, and tricknologyListen now (99 min) | you're in the mix with afronihilist fm 🎶