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loose and unfiltered musings on *ebro voice* the culture, processing through trauma, drama, and life with a bank account with only one comma 🙏🏾

multiplatform, multimedia, multimulti content all for the low low price of 10 minutes of your time ✍🏾 🔊 🎥

the answer to none of your questions 🕶

your safe spaces favorite safe space 🤝

the views expressed in the loosies newsletter are the unpolished ravings of an afronihilistic comedy writer, tired of the bullshit, tryna let go of what doesn’t serve him and big up his community. even these pieces are snapshots of life and not the full picture; we live life at 24 frames a second, 1,440 frames a minute to look at a few frames isn’t the full film of anyone’s life.

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vibes and the people that know them


tv/film writer. dj. reba mcentire fan. 🇲🇷🇲🇱🏳️‍🌈